Like all Beta Billiards pool tables, our Heirloom range is defined by the use of exceptional materials, such as hardwood timber, one-piece pure diamond honed slate, the finest English billiard cloth made from 100% wool and the most resilient moulded gum rubber.

With our Heirloom range the excellence is in the detail, and with their distinctive wide set hardwood mortise and tenon construction (reinforced with steel-to-steel bolts), brass concealed micro-adjustable feet for precision levelling and resilient moulded gum rubber cushions, each table offers a unique playing experience that takes you back to the origins of billiards. Each table from our Heirloom range is characterised by its 100% hardwood frame, with 200mm legs and a 68mm wide top edge.

Lifetime Warranty. 100% Australian made, one-piece diamond honed slate, the finest quality English billiard cloth (100% wool), resilient moulded gum rubber cushions, seasoned hardwood timber, solid brass brackets, concealed brass toes, micro-adjustable feet, competition grade playing surface and Mortise and tenon construction, reinforced with steel-to-steel bolts.

Beta Billiards is based in Adelaide, Australia, providing our services and delivery worldwide. Please contact us on (08) 8258 1203, or request a quote for all of your pool and billiard table enquiries.